Institute of Fluid Machinery

Aero- and Hydro-Acoustics (numerical)

Numerical aero- and hydro-acoustics, noise analyzations and noise control of technical flow systems.


Numerical Aero- and Hydro-Acoustics 

Calculation of noise emission and noise propagation around and within fluid flow systems:

  • CFD and acoustical calculations combined in the research code SPARC (Magagnato 1999)
  • For open flow situations and far field evaluation: Acoustical Analogy according to Ffowcs- Williams und Hawkings (1996), integral ansatz, evaluation of sound pressure spectra at discretized observer points
  • For semi-open/closed flow situations: Perturbation equations (e.g. Linearized Euler Eq.), field ansatz, evaluation of spacial wave propagation
  • CFD-Calculation (Large Eddy Simulation) provides acoustical source information of fluid flow


Acoustical Analogy: Large Eddy Simulation of Kármán Vortex Street

Acoustical Analogy: Frequency spectrum (narrow band) of Kármán Vortex Street (drag tone)

Perturbation equations: Propagation of pressure pulse in a cube surrounded by walls