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Building Simulation

Building Simulation
Typ: Vorlesung/Übung (VÜ)
Lehrstuhl: Fachgebiet Strömungsmaschinen

FSM computer lab at "Zähringerhaus", Bldg. 01.85 at Kronenplatz (1st floor, above Edeka supermarket) 


Wednesday 11:30 - 13:00 on 20.04., 27.04., 04.05., 11.05., 25.05., 01.06., 08.06, 15.06., 29.06.


Dr. Ferdinand Schmitdt

M. Sc. Aditya Desai

LVNr.: 2157109

This course is intended for students of the ENTECH and Energietechnik/EnergTechnology programmes. It is credited with 2 ECTS points. It can be combined with "Energy and indoor climate concepts for high performance buildings [1720997]". It is taught jointly with "Energiebedarf von Gebäuden [2158203]" and therefore cannot be combined with it.

Learning outcomes
 The students have an understanding of the elements of building simulation models. They can set up simple building models in the MATLAB/Simulink environment, and they can use them to estimate the energy demand of a building for heating and cooling under different climatic conditions. They are able to generate time series of heating, cooling and air-conditioning loads of buildings. They can conduct sensitivity analyses regarding a building's energy demand and can compare different measures to reduce this demand.
  • Introduction to Simulink, weather modeling
  • Wall modeling and wall response to temperature steps
  • Room modeling, integration of windows, sensible energy balance
  • Latent energy balance, infiltration
  • Integration of ideal heater and cooler, generation of load series
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Modeling of a passive house
  • Sensivity analyses regarding energy demand
Literature J. Clarke, Energy Simulation in Building Design. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2nd
Ed. 2001.